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Dear our stakeholders and employees,
With the believe that without hard work nothing can be achieved my principles were to work hard and be honest since I started to work in my early age.
I think everything what we get is just borrowed and has to be given back, used economically and be shared. I believe that waste spending’s make us weak in our social status and economically.
With the awareness that social responsibilities are as much important as our work and to service to our country is our main target that’s why the investments to our country and the service is very important. I know that the investment to human being is the highest social responsibility and that’s why investments to faculties, high schools and libraries are very important.
My principle is to work hard, protect the rights of the others and invest in your work and human to continue your business stabile for the development in your job and country.
My most important road friends on my work life were my principles.  I tried to continue my life in this frame.
Kind regards,
President of the Management Board
İzzet Bayraktar